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Why use reusable bags?


Our reusable bags are durable. You can use them hundreds of times and avoid producing waste with each use. The bags are convenient for carrying food on walks, in transportation, at the office or at school.

Are our reusable bags waterproof?

All our bags are waterproof in the medium term. They are made of a single layer of fabric (our RecyPUL®). You can put wet food or objects in them (example: sliced cucumbers, wet washcloths, etc.)

How long does a reusable bag last?


It depends on how you use it, but you can reuse your washable bags hundreds of times! We've had bags in use for years and they haven't changed color, shape, or effectiveness.

Do all of our reusable bags fit in the fridge and freezer?


Our bags are very convenient for storing food with already opened packages (cheese bricks, raw vegetables, etc.). You can also use them in the freezer. We recommend a short freezing period, 1 to 3 months. Our extra large bags are perfect for freezing pre-frozen muffins, pies, pâtés, vegetables or small fruits.

What is RecyPUL®?

RECYPUL® is a registered trademark of Demain Demain. Our exclusive textile is woven in Montreal with recycled water bottle fiber. It is thicker than the standard PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) sold in mainstream stores. This ensures maximum durability and performance of all our products.

Is RecyPUL® safe for food use?


All of our fabrics are certified for food use. They are guaranteed free of BPA, PVC and lead. Our laboratory tests were conducted in Quebec. So there is no concern about food coming in contact with our bags.

Where are Demain Demain's reusable bags made?


We are proud to say that Demain Demain contributes to the development of a local, respectful and sustainable economy. Our textile is woven in Montreal. The zippers and small labels on the bags are also made in Quebec. Our seamstresses have extraordinary working conditions and can work according to their schedule. Demain Demain's team of employees (seamstresses, graphic designers, coordinators, delivery, accounting) work from the boutique workshop in Old St. Eustache. We also like to showcase local talent either by developing collaborations with local businesses or by promoting the talent of Quebec artists.

Are our bags and placemats washable and dryable?


All of our bags and placemats (yes, yes!) can go in the washer and dryer. They will never change color or shape. For best results, empty the bag completely and turn it inside out.

We do not recommend the dishwasher as some models use very high water temperatures. We want you to keep the bags as long as possible :)