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Our customizable recyPUL® products have become a must-have for many large companies that are following the local and eco-friendly trend. Over the years, we have made tens of thousands of bags for small and large companies that are committed to sustainable development.

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Fédération des Caisses Populaires Desjardins

"The promotional gifts we made with Demain Demain were modern and adapted to all age groups. They had a wow! effect on our members and employees. The customer service was impeccable. We had a close follow-up and on-time delivery.

- Marie-France Cyr, Advisor, General Management Support, Fédération des Caisses Populaires Desjardins

Fédération des centers d'action bénévole du Québec

"We have been working with Demain Demain for several years now and we are more than delighted with our experience. Since the very beginning, they have responded to our needs with brio and professionalism within a sometimes tight time frame. The quality of the products and the printing is always top notch. The sandwich bags are always a hit, year after year. A real favorite!"

- Afsané Yazdi, Communications Manager, Fédération des centers d'action bénévole du Québec

Tourisme Montréal

"Demain Demain's service is excellent. We have developed with them small personalized bags with the image of Tourisme Montréal for our marketing and advertising. This collaboration reflects our goal of social responsibility. We have used these promotional items in Canada and the United States, in addition to promoting environmentally responsible SMEs like Demain Demain.

- Gerardina Pasquariello, Event Manager, Tourisme Montréal


"I was looking for a reliable, flexible and eco-responsible Quebec supplier to produce cloth bags for our employees. I immediately fell in love with the company Demain Demain! The reversible cloth bags we designed with them are beautiful and totally recycled. The team didn't hesitate to adjust when I asked them to add a little pocket on the side. They are true professionals in their field. I will not hesitate to give them new textile design mandates!"

- Caroline Bazinet, digital project manager, Nmédia

Savonnerie des Dilligences

"I love the Demain Demain team. The people on it are kind, proactive and efficient. With them, I can develop custom products thanks to their great creativity and their collaborative spirit. The company is unique and perfectly matches my values. So much so that we almost create excuses to work with them!

- Marie-Eve Lejour, CEO of Savonnerie des Dilligences


"Thanks to Demain Demain's personalized service, I was able to create custom bags that perfectly meet my needs. Their support throughout the process is a big plus! The team is flexible and suggests brilliant alternatives to get the best result. I would recommend this experience to any business!"

- Florence-Léa Siry, zero waste expert and president of Flonette

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