Pride in doing things differently

Many of us are trying to improve our environment. Some do it by swapping the car for the bike, others by reducing their energy consumption. We do our part by creating products that promote sustainable and local development.

Since 2018, we have put these values into practice thanks to our unique offer: a range of reusable and zero waste bags and placemats, distributed in more than a hundred points of sale in Quebec, notably at Simons, Ricardo and Maillon vert.

Products from here, by people from here

We launched Demain Demain with a clear objective: to encourage responsible consumption with ethical and reusable products. Our bags and placemats are entirely made in Quebec, in our Saint-Eustache workshop, using an exclusive textile made from recycled water bottles (RecyPUL™). 

But in addition to local and environmental, we also wanted to create something beautiful and practical. It is for this reason that we have multi-use products developed, embellished with magnificent prints thanks to pour local artists’ great talent.

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Values that change everything, down to the smallest detail.

With us, each bag, each placemat, is designed with the same three fundamental values that have animated us since our beginnings: equity, equality and environmental integrity.

All of our collaborators, from the artist to the seamstress, thrive on the desire for a job well done! Each cut, each seam or each zipper is made and assembled in Quebec with the greatest care. We design unique products that will be with you for years. In addition, our materials are of food grade and are designed without BPA, lead or PVC... Zero harmful products (promise!).

Our commitment is also concrete actions

In addition to its production of zero waste products, Demain Demain also tries to do its part through its social commitment.

Whether by donating bags to lunchbox organizations or to health-related groups, by planting trees to offset greenhouse gases or by collaborating with local professional training centers, we want to participate today to improve tomorrow’s society.

Our passionate team

Anne Chabot, Founding President.

Demain Demain is first and foremost a vision, that of Anne Chabot, an entrepreneur at heart with a varied background. A former teacher, Anne quickly wanted to develop full-time environmental projects. Forward-thinking and a visionary, she uses her business to raise awareness of issues related to sustainable development while offering a practical product that embellishes lives. After all, “taking care of our planet also means taking care of the people who live there.”

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Véronique Poirier, Production Manager

A trained graphic designer, Véronique Poirier thrives on special projects and technical challenges. After several years in the media industry, Véronique worked as a graphic designer before joining Anne Chabot, her great childhood friend, in the launch of Demain Demain. This stimulating new project allows Véronique to work in perfect harmony with her philosophy, which is defined as follows: “Consuming less, consuming better.”

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Pascal Millette, Retail Support Manager

Former account and personnel manager, Pascal Millette uses his knowledge to make a difference in his environment, one small gesture at a time. This great sportsman, in love with winter, wanted to work at Demain Demain in order to make a difference for the environment. This desire comes first from his 10-year-old daughter: “My daughter and all future generations encourage me to do my part. And it’s through small gestures that we’ll get there.”

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Aurore Caqueret, Head of Shipping

Aurore Caqueret holds a doctorate in biochemistry and worked for several years in a hospital environment. After putting her career on the back burner to raise her children, Aurore was seduced by Demain Demain’s mission and values. Since then, she has participated in offering sustainable, high-quality products to organizations and individuals: “I am proud to be able to contribute, through my work, to helping people take concrete action for our beautiful planet.”

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Our ambition: to improve the world with you!

Our products are designed for you and thanks to you. It is through your support for our approach that our team is able to grow, little by little, one bag at a time.

Each purchase of our products is a gesture for the environment, equity and local production. Thank you for encouraging our vision of sustainable development through your purchases, but also through your comments and your passion. And it’s far from over: our minds are always full of new ideas. What if we brought them to life together?

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