Children's books: our must-haves this season

Anne Chabot, president of Demain Demain, is a lover of books, especially children's books, and is happy to add her latest favourites to her catalog. Here are three must-have titles of the season that have struck a chord with her.

Isabelle Arsenault Fanny Britt
La Pastèque, September 2021

After dazzling us with Jane, the fox and me and Louis parmi les spectresthe duo Isabelle Arsenault (illustrator) and Fanny Britt (author) are back in force with Truffle. A 114-page well-crafted book divided into three intertwined stories.

Truffle deals with important themes such as love, friendship, mourning and separation without ever falling into emotional heaviness. Thanks to the well-choreographed sentences, parents will enjoy reading the book as much as the children.

A lot of space is given to musical culture with references to Nina Simone, Def Leppard and David Bowie. The icing on the cake? The cover of the book is a paper poster of Truffle's musical group, Les Plantes carnivores, in front of an imaginary audience. We love it!

Graphically, the book is a masterpiece. The illustrator plays with a limited color palette, with textures, sometimes even with collage. The characters are drawn according to the report of the human being who matures: more naive for the children, more detailed for the adults.

In short, a big favorite for this beautiful book, well thought, sensitive, without being maudlin.

P.S. I'm predicting a Booksellers' Choice award for it! ūüß°

All the world
By √Člise Gravel
Scholastic, September 2021

The great strength of √Člise Gravel's latest offering is that it puts small everyday situations into perspective to show that everyone experiences fears, doubts, moments of joy and sadness. Emotions and moods are the unifying element of human beings. Everyone needs to be loved, to be accepted as they are, to realize their dreams and to fail from time to time.

The author and illustrator of The Potato on a Bike calls for values of humanism, openness to the world and respect. Always with the same humor that we know well (everyone farts, yes!).

The characters are all very different, but these differences are never named: all human, all different, all equal! The book also allows you to discuss certain issues with your children, such as perseverance and courage, but also the right to feel discouraged and to give up.

In Everyone in the worldthe reader becomes an observer of his or her own emotions, which allows for a moment of distance, reflection and meditation. Beautiful notions to explore with children of all ages! ūüíö

By Jacques Goldstyn
La Pastèque, November 2020

I am particularly fond of Jacques Goldstyn's work. The Stars and Azadah are among my favorite books for children. So it was with great interest that I immersed myself in this one with my two daughters.

Goldstyn is an experienced author and illustrator (Les Débrouillards) who has the gift of drawing the color of emotions. His talent to translate atmosphere and emotions through the pages is breathtaking.

Knitting is a book about memories, about what marks our lives, about the attachment we have towards sentimental objects. Through the relationship that little Madeleine has with her grandmother, it is also about the transmission of knowledge in inheritance. As the pages turn, between school and home, the precious xtagstartzspan style="font-weight: 400;">"

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