Three children's books to give this Christmas

The adventures of a fallen dragon, a sick mermaid and a little astronaut in the making... Here are three of Mélissa Proulx's favorite books, director of communications and marketing at Demain Demain and mother of boys aged 4 and 6.

La queue des sirènes
From Beatrice Blue
Éditions Les Malins, August 2021

After Le feu du dragon and The horn of the unicorn, Beatrice Blue is interested in the world of mermaids in an album with evanescent colors. The album tells the story of Theodore, a little boy who is fascinated by sea creatures that he keeps in a multitude of jars in his seaside hut. One day, he discovers a magnificent specimen with seaweed hair floating in a shell. Galvanized by the idea of adding it to his collection, Theodore quickly becomes disillusioned: day after day, the creature withers and weakens. How to make him recover his health?

The young Spanish author from the world of animation (she has collaborated with Dreamworks and Nickelodeon) shows here all her creativity to create magical worlds. Her album pays tribute to the beauty of nature, but also evokes its fragility. A beautiful fable about friendship that shows the importance of preserving the oceans and the responsibility of each one towards living beings.

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Blacker Than Night
By Kate Fillion and Chris Hadfield
Illustrations by Eric Fan and Terry Fan
Scholastic Publishing, October 2016

This is the story inspired by the childhood of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield that illustrator brothers Terry and Eric Fan have brought to life. A childhood marked by that night in July 1969 when the entire planet was riveted to its screen (black and white) to watch the first human walk on the moon. The event marked a turning point in the life of the little one who had been afraid of the dark until then. He then discovers all the mysteries that this darkness conceals.

This touching story allows us to revisit a historical event (the Apollo 11 mission), while discovering how one of the most eminent scientists was forged.

The album lets little Chris's imagination run wild and ends with photos of the astronaut, which gives a very appreciable biographical aspect. Suddenly, even the wildest childhood dreams become real.

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La soupe aux allumettes
By Patrice Michaud
Illustrations by Guillaume Perreault
Fonfon, April 2021

Singer-songwriter Patrice Michaud (Kamikaze, Mécaniques générales) offers here his first children's album. To bring his Lolo's universe to life, he teamed up with the talented illustrator Guillaume Perrault (Pet et répète, Mammoth Rock, Simon). The result is a really funny album in which the little boy comes to the aid of a dragon that has lost its flame and can no longer breathe fire.

To help him in his quest, Lolo will use techniques, each more creative and ingenious than the last, to help the poor fantastic animal. The culinary technique, the rock technique and even the recourse to his little sister will be used before he discovers the right one.

A favorite of my two boys who never tire of rereading the crazy and funny adventures of this friendly hero. The vibrant and imaginative illustrations captivate us to such an extent that we linger several seconds on each page to discover the little hidden details. We close the book and cry out for a sequel to have the pleasure of immersing ourselves in his world.

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