Spring Break - Free Activities

Spring Break is fast approaching and you will soon be overwhelmed by the thousand and one activities to do in your area. Like many other parents, you will inevitably wonder where to start, without racking your brains, and without breaking the bank.

But basically, having fun is simple. No need to pay much. It is even possible to spend nothing if you use a little imagination!

To help you plan your break, we offer five activities, completely free, to be carried out in the comfort of your home without even having to take out the craft bin… because let’s be honest, doing crafts always ends the same way: the parents pick up the millions of glitters from the ground and clean the pencil marks off the table...

A Day at the Beach

Who says you can't go to the beach during the winter? Forget expensive flights to Cuba. All you need is a nice sunny day and a big window.

Place your beach towels in the sun, put on your swimsuits, swap sunscreen for moisturizer and ask your children to fill their beach bags with sandals, books, sunglasses, balls and card games… In short, everything it takes to have fun!

Don't forget to prepare small colorful cocktails and fun summer snacks, to remind everyone that the hot days will soon be upon us.

Hide and Seek in the Dark

Have you ever tried hiding in the dark with a headlamp? Prepare to rediscover your home and completely rethink your usual hiding places. If you want to tame the darkness, why not play without a lamp?

Do you feel even more adventurous? Go to the next level of difficulty: when you find the hidden person, hide with them, until the last person finds you! This version is commonly called "the sardine".

Hidden Objects

Do you know the famous game where you have to find and circle certain objects hidden in a picture or drawing? We suggest you do the same thing but in a full-size version.

Choose a room in your home and collect 10 similar objects that you can easily hide such as, for example, spoons. Hide them all over the room and ask your children to find them by exploring with their eyes, without touching! Repeat the experiment with several different objects, and this, in every room in the house.

Photo Rally

For a rather artistic day, invite your children to play photographer.

To inspire them, compile a list of objects to photograph (kettle, pillow, cup, lamp, LEGO™, etc.) or, if your children are a little older, a list of pictures to reproduce. You can also give them a series of themes to reproduce. 

For example: 
• I think we’re lost...
• Go ahead, do it!
• It stinks here...
• Help! 

They must then illustrate the concept with toys, LEGO™ blocks, stuffed toys, etc. And why not ask them to create their own themes? You will see that their ideas are often far-fetched!

I Say…YES!

When this activity is well explained and understood by children, it guarantees an extraordinary day with absolutely no decision to make! It's simple, for the day, you say "yes" to everything your child asks you. Obviously, this excludes any spending of money or dangerous action. The important thing in this activity is to establish clear rules from the start but above all, to ensure that it is a day when everyone is in a good mood.

Give your brain a break and go back to childhood for a moment. Enjoy ice cream for lunch ... Go outside to play... It is forbidden to say no to your child!

You will be surprised to discover that deep down, all they really want is to have fun with you.

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  • On a hâte d’essayer le rallye photo! Merci pour ces bonnes idées :)

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  • Des excellentes idées ! Merci :)

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