Special collaboration with Savourer.ca by Geneviève O'Gleman

When we met Geneviève O’Gleman and the Savourer team to develop their range of reusable bags, we fell in love. A friendly and dynamic team with whom we share beautiful eco-friendly values.

What a pleasure we had to develop this beautiful collection of bags, beautifully illustrated by Stéphanie Renière! The whole Demain Demain team is very proud to be able to participate in the development of Savourer’s sustainable and eco-friendly products.

You can get their bags from the savourer.ca online store.

We also recommend Geneviève's new cookbook, #leslunchs. Truly a MUST! Everyone loves it here! One of our BIG favourites was the edamame spread, yum!

Enjoy your meal!

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