Book of the month: All at home

Could we have imagined that a book about the pandemic could do us so much good? But that's what California-based illustrator and author LeUyen Pham has done so brilliantly with the book All at Home.

Without ever naming the virus, she immerses us in the extraordinary daily life of 2020. Those first moments when time almost stood still, when animals took up residence in deserted towns and villages, when families went about their days differently. Health care personnel and essential workers took risks to keep us going. There were joys, there were sorrows...

Almost all the characters and images in the book are inspired by real people," writes LeUyen Pham at the end of the book. In her early forties, she began to draw the little moments she captured on her walks or in the news. It was her coping strategy, she says. By drawing what she observed from day to day, she gathered a collection of acts of kindness, perseverance and humanity performed by ordinary people...

So skillfully rendered in beautiful illustrations and poetic text, young and old readers alike will be able to put a balm on what we have collectively experienced. For the simple reason that the author focuses on the community spirit that unites us and how we have continued to grow.

Because yes, All at home is above all an album about love and hope against all odds. Very successful!

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