Book of the month: Où que tu sois

Ariella Prince Guttman and Geneviève Godbout offer us a "cuddly" book with Où que tu sois. An album full of sweetness and comfort for toddlers aged 0 to 6 years and their moms/dads who have to get used to the fact that they have to be separated during the day to be able to find each other again later. Through the splendid pastel illustrations of Geneviève Godbout (Joseph Fipps, Malou, Rose à petits pois, Si je n'étais pas Anne), we see how a mother and daughter remain connected despite the distance, while one is at work and the other at school. The love between a mother and child transcends everything, they remind us beautifully.

The book is so beautiful that it would make a great addition to a child's bedroom.

First published in English in 2021 under the title Wherever you'll be by Penguin Young Readers Group, it has been adapted into French by La Pastèque. The author, Ariella Prince Guttman, who lives on Long Island with her family, was a producer for NBC's Today Show for over 10 years.

Montreal illustrator Geneviève Godbout put the finishing touches on the book just before she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl. A second book is planned with this author-illustrator duo, Geneviève Godbout told us in an interview last October.

Wherever you are

Ariella Prince Guttman and Geneviève Godbout

La Pastèque, 32 pages

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