Cheese sticks: plastic waste in the balance

Food packaging is designed for a single use and should be discarded after use. Knowing that our recycling systems are incomplete, reducing waste at the source can make all the difference.
Have you ever wondered about the weight of the food packaging on that famous package of string cheese sticks that is so popular with our kids?

We did the test! In the left corner, the good old block of cheese and in the right corner, those string cheese sticks so popular in our kids' lunch boxes. The result? Not only does a pack of sticks cost more, but it generates up to seven times more plastic waste than a block of mozzarella that you can cut up as you please. How about a different way to do it?

Here are some snack ideas to create with the cheese block for the lunchbox:

▶︎ Cut the cheese block differently: into triangles, slices, or sticks of different sizes. ⭐️

▶︎Use a cookie cutter to give it original shapes (stars, hearts, flowers) and collect the scraps for parents' lunches 😉

▶︎Cut the block of cheese into cubes and make mini-brochettes with fresh grapes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives or others. 🍢

▶︎ Grate the cheese to garnish a salad or sandwich, a hot meal in the Thermos. You can also offer it in a deconstructed meal that kids love, like sandwiches or soft tacos to assemble. 🌮

Plat de lunch en plastique avec sandwich et fromage sur un fond de bois blanc

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