Demain Demain, Manufacturer of Personalized Promotional Items

Since its creation in 2018, Demain Demain has developed a series of personalized promotional items that have charmed many Canadian companies. Renowned organizations such as Desjardins, Cascades Canada, Cirque du Soleil, Tourisme Montréal, Maple Leaf, and Bayard Canada trusted Demain Demain to create Quebec-made promotional products in their image. The brand’s values of eco-responsibility and sustainable development were particularly attractive to these organizations.

At first glance, Demain Demain’s fabric items grab your attention with their beautiful prints and high quality. When you take a closer look, they captivate you by their raison d’être: recycling a harmful material (plastic) and give it a sustainable second life. You are now looking at high-end ecological products that are in line with your values and that can be personalized with the colours of your company, your school, or your event.

Demain Demain products are intended to provide an alternative to single-use containers. Since its beginning in 2017, the company has been able to reach customers from all walks of life, who have remained loyal and have evolved with the company, adapting their lifestyle habits, and becoming proud brand ambassadors. Today, almost all schoolchildren have one or more reusable bags in their lunch boxes! A growing number of companies are also using Demain Demain’s services to offer eco-responsible corporate gifts from Quebec.

A Unique Offer

In a constantly evolving industry, Demain Demain has distinguished itself with its line of eco-friendly, sustainable, and reusable products. Its products are made from RecyPUL®, an exclusive textile knitted in Montreal from recycled water bottle fibres. This high-end material is combined with superior and unparalleled craftsmanship. From labels to zippers, the components used are of superior quality and entirely manufactured in Quebec.

From small snack bags that marked its beginnings to today, Demain Demain has developed a complete line of practical and durable multi-purpose eco-friendly products. In recent years, we have added extra-large bags (bulk, freezer), placemats reversible tote bags, large carrying bags, pencil cases, flower pot holders, and bunting banners. Browse the complete catalogue.

Environmental Benefits

Whether it’s for corporate gifts, personalized promotional items, promotional products for employees, corporate gifts or corporate gift boxes, Demain Demain has a specialized offer for you. Your choice of visual will be printed on a textile knitted in Montreal from recycled water bottle fibres. The result? A unique personalized promotional item that stands out from the crowd.

Eco-responsible items are 100% locally made. The sourcing of fabrics, zippers, and labels is entirely local. Shipment packaging is reduced to a minimum. Unless requested otherwise, products are sent without labels and packaging in a recyclable envelope made from 100% recycled paper.

Demain Demain is genuinely proud to offer promotional products for businesses made with textiles, zippers, and labels manufactured in Montreal. Contributing to the local economy has always been and remains a top priority.

A Partner of Choice

Why should you promote your brand with Demain Demain’s eco-friendly promotional items? Why recognize your employees with eco-friendly fabric Christmas gifts? To promote your brand in a positive and responsible way by encouraging local artisans and manufacturers. Because creating a promotional item made of recycled fabric means putting forward corporate values related to sustainable development, while reducing your environmental footprint. To allow you to proudly distribute them during your events or to your clients as corporate gifts.

The Values That Guide Us

Choosing Demain Demain to create handmade promotional products means choosing a female-owned company driven by the values of sustainability, equity, and integrity. The preservation of land and water ecosystems is very important to the company. For this reason, it has decided to recycle environmentally harmful plastic and give it a useful second life. The bags’ straps are also made from oceanic fishing waste.

Demain Demain’s mission and raison d’être is to make people’s lives easier every day with high-quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable products.

From Print to Design

Demain Demain’s promotional item production service is flexible and fast. A team dedicated to customized projects will accompany you from start to finish. You can count on their professional advice throughout the process. To create the perfect visual you are looking for, you can deal directly with your graphic designers. Demain Demain provides free production templates and can assist them with their technical requirements. You can also use Demain Demain’s graphic editing service and their pattern banks for an additional fee.

A printed sample can be sent to you for approval in a non-laminated preprint test (additional charge of $50). Once your final design is approved, your order will be printed in Montreal. It then takes 6 to 8 weeks of production before you receive the final product.

Every step of the manufacturing process, from cutting to stitching, is carried out in our workshop in Saint-Eustache in the Lower Laurentians. The promotional items are carefully handcrafted by experienced seamstresses. The administrative team’s offices are on site, so quality control is conducted at every stage of production.

A Sensible Choice for Businesses

A personalized fabric placemat you can take to and from work... A reversible tote bag in your company’s colours that your employees can carry everywhere... A Quebec gift box to thank your important clients... Demain Demain’s offer is flexible, personalized, and without middlemen.

Want to sell promotional items as part of a fundraiser? No matter which item you choose, you will be able to generate a significant profit margin that will make your campaign, your project, or your association stand out. Maximize your return on investment by choosing promotional items that your supporters will actually want to buy!

Schools and municipalities can promote their colours and values and encourage the local economy by working with local manufacturers like Demain Demain.

The same is true for SMEs and large corporations that want to promote Quebec talent by offering unique and eco-friendly corporate gifts.

With the revival of the event industry, organizations can display their colours with pennant garlands and proudly distribute small promotional gifts such as snack bags.

By designing local promotional products with Demain Demain, companies put their logo on useful, practical, and zero waste promotional items.

They are putting in the hands of their employees promotional gifts that will be used daily, intelligently, and for a long time! Practical and multifunctional, these products are easy to clean, reusable, and ecological.

Personalized Boxes
Demain Demain also offers the possibility of creating personalized corporate gift boxes by providing access to the preferential rates offered by Quebec companies. It is therefore possible to develop a custom gift box with personalized Demain Demain promotional items combined with a range of beautiful objects, treats, and high-quality care products crafted by local people! Holiday gift boxes are particularly popular as gifts for employees, clients, or suppliers. There are also welcome boxes for new employees that are gaining in popularity and help reinforce the sense of belonging among employees.

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