Made-in-Quebec Gifts for Teachers - This Year’s Top Picks

The end of school is fast approaching and like many parents, you may be looking for a meaningful gift to say thank you to your child’s teacher or educator. What is a good gift for a teacher anyway? Here are some great and appropriate choices that they are sure to love.

✔️ Useful

To get your gift selection just right, think functionality! Teachers and educators receive gifts at the end of every year. What if your gift could be their new favourite and useful possession? Think notebook, pencil case, roll-up placemat. Or how about a tote bag to carry books or school materials? Want to get them thinking about kicking off their vacation plans? The carrying bag is the perfect travel companion, whether at the beach or in the city. Slip in small products that smell like summer (soap, cream, lip balm).

✔️ Eco-Responsible

Taking care of the planet is not only a strongly held value among our children but also their educators who prepare many projects along these lines. In this context, opting for a gift made locally with recycled materials will certainly be appreciated by the teaching and educational staff! Think local, ethical, and eco-responsible businesses! You want to stand out from the crowd? A pretty plant in a planter made of recycled water bottle fibres makes a great impression!

✔️ Collective

Another highly symbolic approach is to offer a group gift. How do you do this? Simply gather parents around a common gift: a small amount per family ($5? — $10?) will buy a more valuable gift (a trip to the spa, a show, a magazine subscription, etc.). Another option is to have the class make a creative project without the teacher suspecting anything: a creative mural, a card where everyone writes a little note, a souvenir album, etc. More complex to organize, but one that will leave a lasting impression!

✔️ Heartfelt

Teachers will tell you again and again, gifts that have been created by their students (a craft, a drawing) or a message of appreciation are second to none in putting a smile in their heart. Why not choose a beautiful card made by local artisans and include a souvenir photo of your child’s school year? Teachers work hard throughout the year. Let them know how much they mean to your child and to you! 

✔️ Gourmet

A savoury or a sweet tooth? From the finest Quebec products to small local sweets, or the creations of chocolate or pastry artisans, there is a plethora of Quebec gourmet gifts that will make your mouth water at the mere mention of them. You want to stand out from the crowd? Think bean-to-bar chocolate factories, artisanal micro-refactors or makers of sweet things. The reward: the quality of a local product.

✔️ Let Them Choose 

Gift cards are very popular and for good reason. They allow your child’s teacher or educator to choose an item that will please them and meet their needs. Another great opportunity to promote Quebec businesses!

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